Overrides affect the assumptions in the base case and all scenarios within a project.

Base case EUI override

If the EUI required for a project will be significantly different from the CBECS average EUIs, this EUI can be entered here. The default EUI value is determined from CBECS averages and the user inputs above.

% onsite fossil fuel combustion

The percentage of building energy use resulting from the combustion of fossil fuel at the building site. The default values for natural gas and fuel oil consumption are determined by national averages for the building’s climate zone in the CBECS and RECS microdata.

Window-to-wall ratio (WWR)

The ratio of windows to total wall area. The default value is .45.

Floor-to-floor height

The vertical distance between building floors in feet. The default value is 13’.

Interior fit-out percentage

The percentage of floor space that will be fitted out for occupation by building tenants. The default value is 70%. If tenant fit-out is outside the project scope, this field can be set to 0%.
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