EPIC is a design tool that integrates assessments of embodied, operational, and sequestered carbon in a data model to support low-carbon design at the earliest stages of a project.
EPIC is designed for use during site and feasibility studies, requests for proposals, pre-design, and in other early-phase activities where quantitative support is needed for low-carbon design decisions and a whole-building life cycle assessment is not practicable. EPIC is not comprehensive: the tool uses a data model to assess the carbon emissions associated with, and the effects of carbon reduction measures on, some components of a project for some stages of a project’s life cycle. EPIC's scope is designed to maximize a designer's ability to assess low-carbon design strategies in early project phases within the limitations of currently available data. EPIC is a work in progress; future development will respond to user feedback, incorporate improved data, and refine the tool's methodology.
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